How To Start The Year Emotionally Fit?

emotionally fit

We are definitely going to remember the year 2020, how not to? It took us all out of our comfort zone and somehow reconnected us with a slower lifestyle.

A challenging year, to say the least, of little to no social interactions. A time to look deep inside that taught us how to get the best (sometimes the worse) of ourselves during these unusual moments.

At least for me, it was a year full of ups and downs emotionally wise. Sometimes, I was being the most positive person in this world. At the beginning of the pandemic, I swear to God that I looked at the moment as an excellent chance to achieve my goals. Those that I never had time for.

But I have felt angry and frustrated too. I victimized myself thinking that I didn’t deserve to waste my maternity leave isolated in a small condo, to mention something.

There were months when I honestly felt powerful: I exercised daily and even ate healthy. Despite having a baby that was only 7 months old when the pandemic began, I set time aside for my self-care: I tried new skin-care routines and recovered my naturally curly hair after blowdrying and ironing for years. I even launched this blog back in June, looking for a way to connect digitally with other moms (since Covid-19 took of the possibility to interact in person).

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But there were months when I didn’t feel like doing absolutely ANYTHING. The situation consumed me, and the victimization/guilt made me drop my routines altogether. No more exercise or healthy food, no more organization to write on my blog (the one that makes me beyond happy and more than a project feels like a life purpose). An extreme roller coaster where I felt either very motivated or ready to throw myself into the garbage: literally my best and my worst version.

Setting 2021 Intentions

After experiencing both extremes and measuring my results, I thought about six intentions that can help us close this 2020 chapter in the best emotional shape possible (even though 2021 doesn’t seem to be much different yet).

1. Make a list of your accomplishments during 2020. I promise you that you are not at the same point as last January. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you progressed: slow growth is also growth. Be mindful of that. There is nothing more motivating than looking at your own path and reminding yourself of what you are capable of doing. 

2. Be open to comparisons. Yes, I know that it may sound wrong. But the comparison with ourselves is an exercise that can help us improve. Are you the same as you were in January 2020? Which results would you like to see again? Anything you won’t be repeating? A ‘you‘ vs ‘you‘ will always bring new ideas to the table and higher confidence when planning what’s to come. 

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3. Be kind to yourself. When reviewing what went well and what didn’t, please be nice to yourself: as if you were talking to someone else. I’m sure that you would never speak to another entrepreneur with the judgemental tone you talk to yourself. Highlight everything that led you to where you are today, and review what didn’t work. Remember: what’s not measured cannot be improved.

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4. Let’s plan! Take advantage of the beginning of the year energy to make an Editorial Calendar. Look out for important dates on which your brand must be present. If you are a mom, you know very well what it’s like to have little to no time. Suppose your time is limited like mine [in October, I decided to accept the challenge of going back to my corporate job (from home) while taking care of my then 14-month-old baby 24/7], in that case, you have to organize your ideas and use those counted minutes in the best way possible. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be spontaneous; there’s space for that as well. However, I assure you that having a structure will significantly optimize your time and give you peace of mind.

5. Don’t know how to start? Create a Vision Board. I know that everyone talks about it, and honestly, it sounds a bit silly hehe, but this is the best tool to get to know you better. Think about everything you want to achieve this year. Once you see it on paper (or digitally), it will stop being a simple dream to become a tangible goal. This way, you will set intentions that will allow you to accomplish what you really want in life and stop dreaming about it.

6. Stop questioning your potential and start exploring. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies. The best that can happen is that they actually work, and if not, then nothing happens. Knowing what doesn’t work is taking a step forward, don’t you think?

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When everything seems more complicated, it is important to do activities that connect us with ourselves. Get some fresh air, meditate, exercise. Whatever makes you recharge. I learned this with motherhood: if I pay attention to my wellness, my baby will feel it and will be happy as a result. Although it may seem selfish, self-love needs to be a priority.

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Of course: these are tips that I have to say at loud frequently because this isn’t easy to put into practice 100% of the time. The beauty of this process is that we can start over and over again. Each time we try, it will turn out better and better. Believe me, it is way more gratifying to know why something didn’t work out than to stay with the awful “what if …?”.

I hope that this focus on the commitment that our emotional well-being deserves can make you reflect on everything you went through this year and feel nothing but pride when looking back because it wasn’t easy, but you did it!

Above all, what I learned from 2020 is that it is okay to fall. Those of us writing these “tips” have been down hundreds of times, and the important thing is to have the energy to go back to square one.

Being emotionally fit is an everyday job. Let’s go for the best 2021 we can possibly have! Keep in mind that your results will not be as attached to the circumstances as to your mindset and actions.

Stay strong! You got this, boos-mommy!

With love,


¿Cómo Cerrar El Año Emocionalmente Fit?

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